Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catty Corners

Crossword Puzzle as Needlework Art

The story behind Catty Corners:

This piece is a crossword puzzle interpreted as needlework art.
1.  I constructed a regular crossword puzzle -- 15 x 15 squares (standard daily size).  This puzzle features four rebus entries (CAT) in the corners.  Other themed entries (PURR, CALICO, ANGORA, TABBY, MEOW) are interpreted in highlighted threads.

2.  I plotted a cross stitch pattern based on the puzzle, extending the borders to include floral and geometric motifs.

3. Then, the fun part -- stitching!  I stitched the design on linen (cross stitching -- two threads over two), adding color to the design.

The cats in the corners appear in various positions of repose and rambunctiousness (inspired by my cat, Mischa.) 

Et voila!  Crossword Art!