Thursday, December 24, 2009

Halo Effect

Puzzlemakers love one-word song titles, and the shorter the better. Halo, the 2009 hit by Beyoncé Knowles, is heaven-sent. While other artists have recorded songs under that title, Beyoncé satisfies my strict and objective puzzle-inclusion criteria. She is superstar; a class act; and most importantly, her mother Tina is a seamstress (as is my own mom). 

I also admire Beyoncé because she hires lots of women singers and instrumentalists. Here she is on Letterman -- with an all-woman band. Brava!  (And love the asymmetric dress detail -- could it be one of Tina's designs?)

You've seen HALO defined in connection with:  a lunar glow ("Circle around the moon.")  A video game.  A saintly glow ("Good sign" or "Overhead light").  Beyoncé's song adds a new cluing angle to the mix.

Solver's Takeaway:
 Remember short song/album titles that can be clued in other ways.  (EMILY, HELP, LAURA, DREAM, JUMP, WAR, FEVER, VENUS, TUSK, ONE, BAD, SMILE etc. -- can you think of more?) Don't let puzzlemakers trick you with stealth song titles!

I once solved a puzzle in which HALO was clued as "Something about Mary." It's one of my favorite clues of all time. I don't recall who wrote it, but whoever you are -- please take a bow.


Crossword Man said...

How about GIRL (song on Rubber Soul), BEN (Michael Jackson #1), SARA (Starship hit)?

Elizabeth said...

Crossword Man, I appreciate your great suggestions. The 3-letter titles like BEN are especially useful. Thanks and welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi, there - thanks to Wordplay for letting me know about your blog! Love your puzzles.

Anyway - on one-word song names - Luka by Suzanne Vega is a good one - although tough letters for a constructor I suppose.

Will look forward to reading your blog in 2010.


Elizabeth said...

Moseylou, ah, yes; I had forgotten LUKA. You're right, it's Vega's wonderful song, and her biggest hit, I believe. The letters are fine, and new four-letter words are put to work in a hurry. Thanks and welcome!