Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Easy Being Green

Grab your harp and your crossword puzzle and proceed to the Dublin House Bar and Tap Room on 79th Street. You can't miss it . . . just look for the flashing NEON harp.

It's NYC's first warm day of the year--perfect conditions for the St. Paddy's Day Parade.

Today everyone is Irish, especially crossword solvers who, for generations, have had second homes in ERIN and EIRE.

I'm of the opinion that EVA is the crossword diva. In addition to "Little Eva," the line-up of EVA's reads like the letterhead of a high-powered international law firm. Got TORT? Take your business to the law firm of Mendes, Herzigova, Longoria, Gabor & Peron.

But today belongs to EVA Cassidy who sings "Danny Boy" like an angel.

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