Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zen and the Art of Etui Maintenance

Jennifer Levitz's superb Wall Street Journal story about needle-totin' American truckers burned up the stitching blogs this week. Women all over the world love these men who stitch while waiting on freight (like a 45,000 pounds of SPAM).

Guys, want to be a babe magnet? Start quilting, knitting and sewing. Women find this irresistible.

Aspiring constructors, take note: The men profiled in this Page One story would make excellent crossword puzzle constructors. They share three important characteristics with the very best puzzlemakers:

1. A curiosity about traditions outside of their own sphere (in this case, quilting/sewing/knitting); showing an interest in the tools of the trade. Showing tolerance towards other cultures. 

2. An openness to learning new languages and terms of art; (here, the specialized language of stitching).

3. They ignore close-minded critics (every field has them). They have a deep passion for their art, learn from the experts in the field and keep on truckin'.

Honk if you're hauling an  ETUI! 

Big Ten-four. Over and out.


Crossword Man said...

Twee truckers with their etuis? Sounds like an April fool to me!

Elizabeth said...

Hah, Ross, you're needling me. :)

. . . and think of the social networking and . . . Etui-ter accounts.