Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ali Oops

My friend Rick called last night with a challenge, knowing that I'm an optimist at heart. He's fed up with "The Bachelorette," which has been accused of perpetuating every negative stereotype about men, women, heart-shaped bathtubs and soy candles.  He says:  "I bet you can't think of 10 positive things to say about this manipulative dreck of a show."

Okay.  I'm up to the challenge . . . without pause, I've come up with No. 1 on the list:

Ten Positive Things To Say About  ABC's "reality" show The Bachelorette:

1.  Crossword puzzle constructors have a new clue for ALI, thanks to current "bachelorette" Ali Fedotowsky, who has fallen on the sword ("I gave up everything to be on this show!") looking for love, only to have her heart broken by Justin and Frank . . . so far.

2. through 10.  Still thinking . . . there's no time limit on this, right?

To help me think of nine more positive things, I reviewed this YouTube vid of the show's episode in Turkey. Here, Ali gives that guy Justin an old-fashioned verbal beat-down, in front of his peers.  And it's all very innocent and natural -- the humiliating event is caught on 15 hand-held cameras conveniently stationed in and around the hotel.  You can almost hear the show's producers chomping at the bit with glee.

But Rick's harsh analysis might be slightly overstated.  The Bachelorette has moments of compassion: no soy candles were harmed during the filming of this episode.


Orange said...

Between Muhammad and Laila Ali, Ali Larter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tatyana Ali, Ali G, the movie Ali, and Ali McGraw, we have no need for Bachelorette Ali for cluing purposes!

Plus, #1 on your list of good things about The Bachelorette is revoked owing to the sheer crapitude of its new spinoff, Bachelor Pad, which appears to be Survivor in hot tubs and is likely to be even worse than its predecessor shows.

Elizabeth said...

Aw, Orange . . . this might be our only chance to use "Fedotowsky" in the clue list . . . maybe just once? (It rhymes with Nosowsky and Gorski . . .)

Eeeeeew, yeah, after seeing that creepy "Bachelor Pad" promo, I felt like showering down with a bottle of Purel, just to wash away the memory. The ickification of network TV just doesn't stop, does it?

Joanne said...

I've honestly never seen the show but a few of my friends are addicted to it and I can't quite understand why. Then again, I have an unnatural obsession with Bethenny Getting Married? so I shouldn't talk.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is super funny! I love the posts.

Theresa a/k/a Terry said...

Now, admit it, this was really an excuse to get heart-shaped bathtub into the blog! Loved the image!