Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tiziano Crudeli and the Multiple Gol-asm

When UOMO, the Italian word for "man," started to appear in crosswords, I delighted in seeing this beautiful term gain acceptance among puzzle editors. I love the sound of the word and its practical applications in puzzlemaking--where else can one find a word that starts with U-O? And if it's clued as "Man from Milan," UOMO makes me think of Tiziano Crudeli, the Italian football announcer famous for his unique broadcasting trademark . . . the multiple gol-asm.

Crudeli--soccer's version of Yosemite Samreferred to as
"T-CRUD"--is unabashedly biased. He roots for A.C.Milan as though his life depends on it. I don't believe he's one of those guys who EMOTES with the same old shtick just to get attention . . . Crudeli is the real deal--madly, insanely, unconditionally passionate about his work. In five seconds flat, he will morph from a stone-faced Sphinx into an gol-spewing Icelandic volcano, depending on who's winning.

I've learned some Italian words by watching him in action. I'm pretty sure "Andiamo!" means "Let's go" in this context. (Please correct me, Italian experts . . )  And when he chants "Dai, dai, dai, dai . . ." in the RAT-A-TAT style, does it mean "Let's go!" as well?

Of course, the crossword term of the day is GOL, and Crudeli's "Gol!" is an out-of-body experience.  In this clip, Crudeli's Gol-asms intensify until the announcer for Channel 7 has had enough, and pushes him away. Basta!

The fist pumps, the wild arms, the "Gol!" with a vibrato--it's Crudeli at his best. I love his man's passion. Molto Bene!

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