Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coming Home

Last November, Quincy observed his first birthday in dramatic style -- shaking in fear, stranded on a third-story building ledge in Washington Heights. Two days and two freezing nights passed before he was rescued by a brave woman named Sherri.  Shivering and malnourished to half his normal weight, Quincy -- a ginger male cat -- would face the following months on a tough journey . . . finding a permanent home.

Little is known about Quincy's first year on earth. The good folks at Washington Heights Cat Colony (co-founded by Sherri Laurence and Trish Bogle) suspect that he had been abused as a baby -- and presumably driven onto that third-story ledge out of fear and desperation. He's a survivor.

In 2010, Quincy moved from foster home to foster home, where he was cared for and nursed back to health. (Thank you, Lenore!)

But change was in the air. This past Friday, he was adopted into his permanent home -- his "forever home," in animal adoption parlance.

Still, Quincy keeps crawling out on that proverbial ledge. His official date of adoption is the traditionally unlucky Friday the 13th.

And as if that's not enough, he will have to endure one more unspeakable indignity -- living the rest of his natural life in the home of a puzzlemaker.

That said . . . Quincy has adapted to his new digs with remarkable resilience and good cheer, dismissing the abecedarian surroundings (rooms full of weird books about words, Rameau opera scores, suspiciously-shaped puzzle paraphernalia, etc.) with a nonchalant brush of his tail.

Totally uninterested in dwelling on the past, Quincy has moved forward. He's tail-tapping to Miles Davis when "Oleo" comes over the radio, and tending to administrative matters, such as . . .

. . . looking up his name in the dictionary . . . (it should be there, between QUINCUNX and QUINDECILLION) . . .

. . . and proofreading the words that begin with "Q" . . . 

. . . and engaging in restorative power naps. (50 minutes out of every hour are spent in repose.)

That's Quincy. He's helping with the puzzles from now on. And though I'm surprised to learn that QUINCY appears only once in Jim Horne's database of NYT puzzles . . . it feels as though he's been a member of the family -- cruciverbal and otherwise -- for a long time. Welcome home, buddy!


Theresa a/k/a Terry said...

Personally, I find Friday the 13th and extremely lucky day. Indeed, I found out I'd passed the bar exam on a Friday the 13th! So too for Quincy will Friday the 13th be an extremely lucky day. Well, except for the fact that someone is always speaking to him in Polish!

Welcome, Quincy! The Kitty Welcome Wagon will stop by soon!

Deb Amlen said...

". . . and engaging in restorative hourly breaks. (50 minutes out of every hour are spent in repose.)"

That sounds a lot like the way *I* construct.

Congratulations on finding your forever home, Quincy. You couldn't ask for a better caregiver.

Joon said...


Elizabeth said...

Terry, I didn't know that Friday the 13th figured so prominently in your legal education -- excellent!

Deb, it looks like our constructing habits have affected our pets. It's true, the concept of "repose" is central to constructing! :)

Joon, you're too cute!

Diane Williams said...

Liz I'm so happy you have a new friend to share your life with! Quincy will be right at home with you and all of your "stuff" before you can say meow!

Joanne said...

I was so sure you were talking about an actual child until you got to the part about the ledge. Too funny!

Elizabeth said...

@Thanks, Diane, for coming over to the crossword blog. Our pets are amazingly resilient -- the lessons we've learned from them!

@Joanne, very funny! It's a good thing I threw in some photos, to identify Quincy. I wouldn't want to be accused of making my kids use a litter box! :)

Crossword Man said...

What a lucky kitty.

Ours are great bibliomanes too!

Elizabeth said...

Ross, critters are enigmas. It helps to practice on puzzles to figure them out!