Monday, September 13, 2010

Giant Bubbles By the Sea

In 1722, when Johann Sabastian Bach wrote Prelude No. 1 in C, he was already way ahead of his time. He knew he'd have to wait for YouTube to be invented before the perfect video (featuring the prelude as soundtrack) would come along. No problem, he could wait. In the meantime -- it being the 18th century -- Bach had a lot on his plate. There were cantatas to write, children to conceive and wigs to powder.

The planets started to align for Johann in the 20th century, when Mr. and Mrs. Johnson named their son "Sterling." Even in diapers, the baby already had a sterling reputation. His parents knew that STERLING JOHNSON (a perfect 15-letter crossword centerpiece), would make a puzzlemaker smile and dot the grid with circles (bubbles!) that contained a secret message as the puzzle solution unfolded.

True to his name, Sterling took the road not travelled by. He became a Bubblesmith. He creates giant rainbow bubbles on the beach. Children run through the bubbles while adults dart out the way and record the action on their iPhones. The bubbles live for but a few seconds, then disappear in one backward motion, as though they've been backspaced in mid air.

I think I've found a new definition for PEACE OF MIND: Mutant rainbow bubbles by the sea. This short video features a perfect soundtrack that, mercifully, avoids any reference to Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles. Bach's music is front and center --- yay! It's the Prelude No. 1 in C, performed in a nice, slow tempo. The arpeggiated chords sound like bubbles to me. Do you hear them?  (Or . . . am I simply unwell?)

It's been a challenging week, personally, professionally and everything-ly. I sure could use more solutions and fewer puzzles. My grid has no numbered boxes or clues . . . it's simply a solution floating by, ready to pop and disappear at any moment.

And since it's Monday . . . I'll need to hear Bach and look at giant rainbow bubbles by the sea.

Sterling Johnson, to the rescue . . .

Via Nathan Bransford


Deb Amlen said...

Beautiful grid and beautiful video, Liz. Thanks so much for posting it (I follow Nathan Bransford's blog, too.)

Joanne said...

bach's prelude in C is one of my favorites! And I really can't think of a better way to start the week than with bubbles and bach and this music video!