Saturday, September 4, 2010

Solving the Greatest Puzzle . . . Someday

In my exquisitely-crafted and well-received memoir, Narcissism for Dummies, I shared this recurring puzzlemaking fantasy with my readers:

"Someday I'll have a part in something that's huge, like--finding a cure for cancer. And this is how it'll play out. The scientist who finds a cure for cancer on one fated afternoon in the future--will have started that very day with a cup of coffee, a cranberry-nut muffin and, maybe . . . one of my puzzles."

Someday I might be a big macher.

In the meantime, I'm keeping it real. I've accepted that my place on the Cancer Research Food Chain lies somewhere between the sponges and zucchini.

So, what is to be done between now and someday?  I'm taking action . . . Sunday, September 12.  Central Park, The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Registration for the NYC race is a snap.

The Race for the Cure is an international event. To find a local race near you, check out the main site. You can run, walk or roll across the finish line.

Friends everywhere, let's all help write a solution for the greatest puzzle of all -- a cure for cancer.



Joanne said...

I hope to be that person doing one of your puzzles on that fateful morning (have I mentioned before here that I am a puzzle fiend? Nothing comes between me and my Sunday puzzle.) before which I discover a cure for cancer. Race on.

Elizabeth said...

I often hear from scientists who solve crosswords early in the morning, as a pre-work ritual. Perhaps simple problems with concrete answers serve as a tune-up for the intensely complex problems in the research lab. Joanne, I sense that your generation, and you specifically, will be there on that fateful day. I hope that the Komen Foundation provides you with the resources to do this important work!

And keep up the good crossword habit -- your demographic is very important to us!!

Levi Denham said...

Go Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much, Levi! Good racing weather tomorrow -- it'll be cool in NYC for a change. I'm so ready for below-70 temps!