Saturday, October 30, 2010

Furniture for the Hoi Polloi, Poi Holloi and Everyone in Between

The jury's still out as to whether this chair, with its patented 2800 RPM Hula Motor, will help or hinder the crossword solving experience . . . but there's always Halloween.

Costume originality is de rigueur at tomorrow's Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. What should one wear to get noticed? Leave the predictable Lady Gaga and Bed Bug get-ups for the lemmings.

By rolling up Sixth Avenue in a Hawaii Chair, you will run circles around the competition dressed as -- The Ultimate End User.

The parade kicks off at 7 P.M tomorrow -- see you there.

Happy Aloha-ween!

(The Hawaii Chair pitch man might have had some credibility, had he actually demonstrated the product, instead of letting the women do most of the "testing." Notice that he doesn't go anywhere near the chair. Tsk! Positively Cro-Magnon.)

Thanks to Joe Posnanski at Joe Blogs for finding this video . . . 


Orange said...

Hee hee!

Joanne said...

ugh I SO wanted to go but had to stay in studying! Next year...hopefully. Hope you had a good time!