Friday, October 22, 2010

The Wright Stuff

In the 1950s, Frank Lloyd Wright endured harsh criticisms for his spiral-shaped Guggenheim Museum design, including accusations that the facade resembled a giant washing machine, looming over Fifth Avenue.

He was deeply agitated by such criticisms. (After that, Frank couldn't listen to Wagner's Ring Cycle without tearing up.)

Tonight the magnificent facade was used in a way that even Wright couldn't have predicted -- as a backdrop for this YouTube event.  I love this application. But what's next?

I suggest that giant, mutant crossword puzzles be projected onto the facade.  It's the next logical step, since crosswords have long celebrated Guggenheim artists like ARP, KLEE and ERNST, MARC Chagall and OSKAR Kokoschka.

We're waiting for our close-up, Ms. Guggenheim . . . 


Joanne said...

If crosswords were project on the Guggenheim, I would so be there to help solve them. What a cool idea. It could be the new theater in the park. For puzzle lovers.

Deb Amlen said...

Ha! Agitated. I see what you did there :)

Elizabeth said...

Joanne, bring a ladder and a pencil (or pen)!

Deb, you make me laugh! ;)