Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food Pickle

One of my dream jobs (besides being No. 1 Tennis Player in the World) would be: headline writer for The New York Post. I love a good headline.

In June 1997, on the day after Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear during their famous "Bite Fight," the newspaper headline screamed: "It's Ear-Responsible!!"

Now that's the kind of wordplay you can sink your teeth into.

I guess I'll have to channel my Tabloid Headline Envy into writing titles for puzzles.  Still, I admire website names that clearly and cleverly describe their mission, like . . .

Food Pickle.

If you have a kitchen disaster (you're in a pickle), or a last-minute Thanksgiving Day cooking question -- go to Food Pickle, where you'll get real-time advice. Can you cut up a big batch of turnips and store them overnight? Is there a use for that block of Velveeta in the fridge? How do I overcome Gummy Piecrust Syndrome?

Ask Food Pickle. What a nice, crunchy name.

A National Day of Gratitude -- what could be better? Eat well, engage in group hugs and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

For what it's worth, I think you would made an awesome headline writer. You've got one serious knack for the wittier things in life.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving babe!