Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Westport Library Crossword Puzzle Goes Interactive

As the trees shed their leaves on this gorgeous Autumn day, let us shed any inhibitions about solving crosswords in public.

The Westport Library invites you to solve a special crossword puzzle, custom-made by yours truly. I loved making this puzzle, as public libraries are near and dear to my heart. Growing up in Jersey shore town, I depended on our modest local public library as an after-school home, a summer home, a rainy-day home. Good times.

Maxine Bleiweis, Westport Library's Director extraordinaire, has spearheaded an interactive crossword  experience that encourages visitors to solve the jumbo-sized grid-- openly and with wild abandon.

Many of you know Maxine through the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where she's a regular competitor.

The Westport Library is one of the finest libraries in the nation, and home of its own crossword contest in February. (Westport is to the ACPT what the French Open is to Wimbledon).

If you're near Westport, Connecticut (or east of the Mississippi), please drop by.

Dan Woog's Westport blog has the background story. The puzzle will be up for a limited time (check with the Library for more info and visiting hours) . . . all the more reason to get there and solve!  Enjoy.

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Joanne said...

I'm a big library fan myself. I love to read and they were my home away from home every summer as a kid. Love that you're doing this for them!