Friday, December 24, 2010


Noel (n.):  When to see Nick at night?

That's one of the best clues for NOEL -- spotted in an LAT puzzle a while back.  Perfect.

Amidst the last-minute decorating, wrapping, cooking, cleaning and traveling, there's always music to calm or irritate (Santa Baby -- grrrrr) the stripes off one's candy cane.  But . . . Josh Groban has grown on me a lot.  That voice -- a mixture of pop and low-fat opera -- gets to me. Surprised?

"Eclectic" is a polite description of my musical tastes.  The truth is, I'm strange.

I love artists with passion: The Beach Boys, Jacqueline Dupre, Sugarland, Queen, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Rob Thomas, Charlie Parker, Alicia Keys, Wanda Landowska, Anner Bylsma, Bryn Terfel, Lady Gaga, Jacqueline Dupre.

During workouts at the gym, maximum heart rates are achieved by listening to Verdi's Requiem followed by Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music White Boy. J-Gro fits right in.

It's a beautiful, clear, cold night here in New York City.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


Joon said...

merry christmas, liz!

Joanne said...

Merry Christmas chica!

I could be down for some Josh Groban carols...although I don't really like Christmas music as a general rule. But, like you, I'm also pretty odd as a general rule.

Joe K. said...

The absolute best way to talk about one's guilty pleasures is to sneak one or two into a discusion of one's eclectic musical taste! More power to you, Liz!! ;-) ...But seeing that you mentioned Lady Gaga, let me come back at you with a pop song of the current era with some wickedly clever satirical lyrics: "The Fear" by Lily Allen.

Regarding music this time of year... I'm not particularly a big fan of either Christmas music or Country music -- they're both OK at certain times and in the right doses -- but I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few Country Christmas songs this season ... found the storytelling rather refreshing. Wish I had taken note of the artists.

La Liz said...

Joanne, Joon and Joe: It's nice to know that we're selective about our musical choices, especially during the holidays. (Joe, I too love Lily Allen's edge.)

But I must digress -- my lizard constructor cortex has spotted an eerie and consistent pattern . . . has JOsh Groban channeled three consecutive messages from JOann, JOon and JOe?

There's a puzzle theme here someplace. More champagne with help flesh it out ...

JOyeux Noel, my good friends!

La Liz said...

(too much champagne already -- I meant to write "will help flesh it out . . .")


DONALD said...

...or flush it out?...

Happy Holidays!

La Liz said...

Happy Holidays, Donald! YOU are flush with creative ideas. Are you hinting at a FLUSH-to-FLESH puzzle theme, like:


I like. Perhaps Hannibal Lecter is available to test-solve. :)