Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mr. Monk Visits

Recently, in a total Adrian Monk Moment, I found myself obsessing about words and patterns and crossword bloggers.

Yeah, that's right.  Not Drew Brees or Matt Hasselbeck or pangrams or potato latkes or even Joanne's splendicious Nutella Thumbprint Swirl Corn Muffins, but: crossword bloggers.

And not just any bloggers, but the ones who do the heavy lifting; they write (or have written -- some have retired to the Caymans) about the NYT crossword every day. Every single day. Throw an unchecked square at them and they'll laugh at you -- they've seen it all.  They're there on the job, every day, blogging the puzzle from corner to corner.

Who are these people? They're Amy Reynaldo, Rex Parker, Ryan and Brian, Jim Horne, Donald (NYT Crossword in Gothic -- I love his artwork), Patrick Merrell, Ross Beresford and (most recently) Deb Amlen.

These folks are amazing -- not only because of their discipline, their intelligence and dedication to the daily dissection of puzzles . . .

They're also amazing because (Monk, you're going to love this!) their names can be symmetrically hidden in a themeless 72-word puzzle. A themeless with a theme. My aortic valve is aflutter with excitement. And for this and this alone, we shall drink champagne tonight.    

Now, truth be told -- I had to tweak the Theme Production Process a tiny bit. (Donald, something tells me that you prefer "Donald" over "Don" -- but for symmetric purposes I shall invoke the Corleone Symmetry Technique and call you DON.)  Just this once, please. Thank you.

Patrick Merrell, I know, uses "Pat" from time to time. And years ago, Michael Sharp thoughtfully chose to blog as "Rex Parker" --  to help with the symmetry of the themed names.

Time was of the essence. This grid had to be made (no clues, just the grid) before someone with a name like Krzysztof Penderecki starts blogging about the NYT puzzle. Short blogger names -- so symmetric and orderly. So beautiful to behold and befitting of an Adrian Monk Moment.

Aren't they a handsome nonet?


Deb Amlen said...

That's awesome, Liz. What an honor!

Orange said...


Rex Parker said...

It's like being painted by John Singer Sargent! Swoon!

KarmaSartre said...

Don't forge Curtis and

La Liz said...

K-S: Thank you. Ah, I remember Curtis and Linda G. They're not forgotten. These pioneers deserve a grid of their own, for sure.

Today's focus was on current history: bloggers who've kept the home fires burning during the last year or two. (I should have specified . . . )

Linda G. and Curtis will always be remembered for their contributions!

Linda G said...

It's an honor to be remembered by both of you!

La Liz said...

Aaaaawwwww, Linda G.! It's great to hear from you. Your blog is a gem, and I love knowing that it's a click away, for all to re-visit. Good times. Bless you!

Joanne said...

haha thanks for the shout out! I never realized there were bloggers who dissected the puzzle every day! Super cool. When I have even a modicum of free time to get back into doing them again, I'll have to check em out!

DONALD said...