Thursday, March 17, 2011


Soon it will be cherry blossom time at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. After a harsh winter, one dreams of that warm Sunday afternoon at the Garden, looking at the cherry blossoms in full, riotous bloom.

The simple act of looking at flowers. In Japan, it's called Hanami.  I wonder when the people of Japan will enjoy hanami again?

Given the horrific news that's coming out of Japan by the hour, it's hard to imagine what comes next.  Perhaps we need to hold on to single moments of beauty in order to endure life's tragedies. But I'm not sure how one recovers from something like this.

Some ways to help, locally or internationally: Local or international (Red Cross).

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Joanne said...

After a tragic event like this, it's definitely hard to pick up where you left off and see the world the same way again. it reminds me of the post 9/11 days...I never thought that I would be the same or would be able to put faith in anyone or anything again. But slowly, time healed me and though I'm not the SAME, I can definitely appreciate the flowers out there. :)