Monday, March 7, 2011

He's Got Rhythm

Orchestral musicians and concertgoers will recognize the movements herein.  Three-year-old Jonathan has jaw-dropping conducting skills.  His favorite conductor is Herbert VON Karajan.  Jonathan will have no trouble with a crossword clue like: "Maestro Herbert ___ Karajan".

Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Last movement.  The Finale had me cheering and crying.  Bravo, Maestro Jonathan!

Thank you, Nanpilla, for this video . . .


Joanne said...

Oh god I could CRY. I love the idea of kids being exposed to good quality music rather than this pop crap like Miley Cyrus.

La Liz said...

I remember a few instances in which conductors lost control of the baton (I should work on that phrasing!). But Jonathan took it to the max -- falling off the podium in a giggle-fit is the best way to end a concert!