Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taylor The Activist

Elizabeth Taylor did for seven husbands what Henry VIII did for his six wives.  She made them famous and crossword-ready. She was decidedly nicer than the testy Henry; she divorced her spouses without beheading anyone along the way.

I'm personally grateful to Miss Taylor for husband No. 8 -- Larry Fortensky, who once provided symmetric support for me to construct a puzzle with a "SKY" team theme.  PADDY CHAYEFSKY, IGOR STRAVINSKY and VASLAV NIJINSKY.  The crossword is that unique place where Vaslav, Paddy, Igor and Larry hang out and have a beer on common ground.

The great Elizabeth Taylor, like Paul Newman, used her celebrity to advance mega-philanthropic work.  She, through amFAR.  And he, through Newman's Own

Two class acts, now gone.

But they live on, ever young and beautiful, in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

. . . and a tribute to Miss Taylor.


DONALD said...

Liz on Liz - Bravo!

Joanne said...

Haha little did Larry know that one simple marriage would give him a place in crossword puzzle fame! Liz really was one amazing woman. :)

La Liz said...

Even in re her testamentary wishes, Elizabeth Taylor's sense of humor shines through . . . she arrived 15 minutes late at her own funeral, like a true star. She always knew how to make an entrance. A fantastic personality!